"We often find that small businesses provide creative and innovative solutions while being nimble and competitive in price.

As such, it is part of Amgen’s strategic imperative to work with, promote, and develop small and diverse businesses."

- Kristin Bentsen
Sr. Associate
Supplier Diversity Program Management
Global Strategic Sourcing

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"Mr. Garrett takes a hands on approach to each of our projects, ensuring that every detail is managed with the utmost professionalism.

He is an excellent communicator, who will do everything in his power to ensure deadlines are met.

On more than one occasion Mr. Garrett has personally hand delivered items to several of our locations."

- Casandra Van Broekhuizen
Marketing Manager
Preferred Hospitality, Inc.

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"We have been very impressed with their willingness to promptly deliver a variety of high-quality printing projects.

George Garrett has also been fantastic to work with and is quick to respond. His enthusiasm to find the best products for the best price and deliver on time has been incredibly helpful to my colleagues and me."

- Chelsi Wheeler
Communications Director
Big Canyon Country Club

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